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This will be my poetry page and listing of quotes.

Welcome to the forth Extension of The World in Progress site. Within this site I will post my poetry , some prose,also a listing of quotable quotes. My favorites of course. Oh, and by all means click on "progression" and visit the poetry sites that have been listed for your use.


    Could thought too soon,be sought to cater ? 

    This will of thine,given the maker.

    Clouds drift by a thwart for the sun.

    No gift for one,not anyone.

    Should the moon peak out of the dark

      and not fear the night ?

    It's courage it seems would come from the light.

    This will of thine,soon to cater..

    Its' own and mine sought the maker.



   Given its' word, not always heard..

   Eyes and smiles are liars.

   They speak in expression..

      but the means is repression.

   And always misgiven in lesson..

   These eyes and smiles of detention. 



  Solemn and enchanted the sunlight rides the tide.

  Harboring its' neighbor - the river stems the ride.

  Convictions less - this new found home for thee.

  So when the Earth - it does rise and set.

  These homelands gain leave..

     To and fro in me.



One thought it seems,is by far fraid too much. To bare the weight of an others touch. A single breath,left unbroken that bares the weight,an others spoken.

As far it seems another kind,has had bid farwell and left those blind. Left far alone away at sea, this weight it seems will drown in me.

Not to wait or wait as such, this weight to bare seems no small crutch. Not to wait or wait too long, this wait it seems soon comes along.

The weight to bear anothers touch..

The wait to bare anothers touch...


The smokers nightmare is always the last.

Remembering gone , far aways past.

Death in the lung and soon to go.

From whence we came and the end we go.

Endless love , the night will cast.

A soul is filled with smoke and dove.

We write in pain for will it go ?

The nightmare cast must last and last.


             OMNIS HEAVEN

               The Granted Trust

How it has traveled beyond the dark

I am the light that leads to its' own end

Clothed in shadow

A dove it leaves

Speaking to me from behind my eyes

Not of my mind or brain do you whisper

Seeking solace

Masking as my soul

Cold , mechanical and sterile

We are but the vehicle

For the heartless thought

And yet we still listen

As it runs right through

As when those we despair

Quietly in our own

And never rust

I can not tell if you are there..

copyright : Peter G. Hutchins





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